Monday, August 10, 2009

Ouchie in my back

I haven't been myself recently. My back has been hurting A LOT. I have a feeling my endometriosis is getting worse. The pain is consistent until close to my period. Then, my menstrual cramps seem to be increasing in intensity every month. I believe I am starting a week early and this would expain the pain getting worse. I don't want to do ANYTHING and I hate that.

Of course, I am not pregnant yet. After having the HSG early in the year, the doctor assured me almost everyone who has one is pregnant in about two months. I do not think I want to continue trying if my pain levels are going to increase. The pain is starting to interfere with my daily life.

RANT OVER - I will get back to posting on a regular basis tomorrow. The subject of the day will be my baby's first day of kindergarten.

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