Friday, January 28, 2011

Old Person Driving

Tomorrow, I am taking a defensive driver course. Of course when I told people this, they thought I must have done something wrong. No DUI's or tickets here. I just want the discount I'll get from State Farm.

Today, I called my insurance agent to verify I didn't need to RSVP. During the conversation, he mentioned they will take checks for the $14 class fee and to make the check out to AARP. AARP? What am I getting myself into?

I didn't even think to ask if the class was at their agent's office. My friend (who used to work there) called for me. The class is being held at the senior center of the small town where my agent is located. THE SENIOR CENTER.  Can this get any worse? I may need a drink tomorrow afternoon while my class counterparts are eating their early bird senior citizen dinner at 4:00.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hibernation requires an iPod?

I was going through diva-child's papers from today and found this.

For anyone who can't read the picture, it says:
If i had to hibernate, I would need my mom's ipod, my tent, food, mom, dad, toys, DSIxl, and my desk.

My iPod comes before a place to sleep and food. This girl cracks me up.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bowling brackets

Here is where I write the post none of my friends care about, but I need to do it just in case some is using Google for information and may happen upon my blog.

I guess I can call myself the bracket manager for the local bowling association's tournaments. The current software program we use to manage the brackets is TBrac version ANCIENT.We had a major problem in a tournament where it would only take so many names. THe problem was the software could only hold so many entries per tournament. It was at the end and our fix was to set up another tournament with just those folks. We DON'T WANT that to happen again.

Some of my current options are:
  • TBrac-2006 The good thing about this one is we have used an older version and hope it would be easier to learn. Bad for this is still has limits on entries.
  • Braxion 2009 This one is very appealing: unlimited bracket capacitiy, "All Brackets" calculator, report you can use for accounting. The "All Brackets' calculator would be awesome.
  • Perfect Brackets  Like the sponsporing of entrants, up to 2000 entrants
  • BowlingBrackets bunch of stuff to look over, different pricing depending on bracket needs
  • Ebonite Bracket Coordinator no pricing on website

I will evaluate what info I printed from each. I may end up e-mailing their support people with questions of unadressed issues. PLEASE bowling bracket software gods. Let someone with some knowledge on this find my blog and offer me some assistance. If any of you important folks who make the above products want to send me a free copy of any of these to try, I would be more than willing to test them. I can even attempt to write a review.

Nonsense that may help Googlers find me: scratch, handicap, bowlers per tournament, sponsoring of entrants, all brackets, total winnings, yo mama, minimize duplicates, why did i agree to help with brackets, optimized brackets, please don't ever learn this stuff so you get roped into doing brackets for every tournament

Okay, my 2 readers. Maybe 3 now with Susan. Here is where I need your help. Go forth onto the world and pray that I don't rip myr hair out or tell off some angry man when he makes her cry. That last part did almost happen, except another bowler told the dude off for me.

I am checking out for the night but I gotta leave you with a picture of someone special to me, Carlos Ray Norris.

Chuck Norris, you suckers! Be glad he allows you to live every day. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Showing some Glee love

Testing of the new blog layout was craptastic so until I can get it perfect, old blog template still up.

I saw this video and didn't want to share directly on facebook since I do have kiddies on there and this contains a couple of bad words. I LOVE IT!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Changing my layout

I am going to change my layout of my blog. So my whole two followers, if you happen to check and things look crazy, just know I am still working on it. I am adding a pic that has nothing to do with this but a flashback for me.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


My diva-child apparently not only has a smart mouth, but a smart mind also. We received a letter today from her school. She is being considered for our county's gifted education program. I think I might cry every time I look at the letter. I am so proud of her. She is a blessing that is constantly teaching me about love, patience and forgiveness. What else can I say but I love her dearly.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Car

I got a new baby, a 2011 Nissan Versa. It had 12 miles on it when we bought it. It is so cute and I do love it. Hatchbacks have always been a favorite of mine.