Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We are attempting to make pickles from cucumbers and dill S. has been babying. If it works, I have a feeling there will be many more pickling cucumber plants in my future.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Inspiration: Laundromat has never been this cool

I love reading cool blogs about all different subjects. (My Google Reader feed agrees. 421 unread entries!) They provide me with ideas, hopes and inspiration. Photographer blogs are some of my favorites. These folks capture the true emotion and joy of people unlike your standard portrait vendors in the big stores. One I particularly enjoy in Millie Holloman. I saw this session where they took photos of a young lady in a laundromat. A freakin' laundromat. And it was AWESOME! My only wish is one day to be that cool where I can photograph a place most people wouldn't and make it beautiful.

Seriously, is this not awesome and original?
I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. Let's toast to a fabulous week!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A gift for me?

Sorry about not posting recently. I really do want to set a schedule of ideas for blog posts. I have been obsessed with clouds and I think one day might be a sky photo day. Things inspiring me, craft ideas, each day has a theme. By the end of this month, I will post a tentative schedule.

I have some ideas rolling around in my head about Mother's Day present after Steven asked me today what I may want. Here are two things I would love to have but I wouldn't ask for. Asking for a $2,000+ item for Mother's Day might give my family a good laugh.
Bernina sewing machine & Nikon D700

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday. I have work, rehearsal dinner and most likely a movie date with Lefty to see Thor.