Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hello ICLW'ers

Hey ya'll visting as part of IComLeavWe. I guess I should introduce myself since this is my first time participating. My hubby and I have been married for almost eleven years. We have one five-year old daughter (who is known as diva-child). I never knew I had endometriosis until 2007. I had a cyst burst earlier in the year so my doc was keeping an eye on my ovaries. In an ultrasound, they found an endometrioma growing on my ovary. Due to the rate of growth, the doctor wanted to remove it and my ovary also. I could have opted for the bilateral oohorectomy (both ovaries) but I wanted to have another baby. In December of the same year, I had the unilateral oophorectomy. In January 2008, I had a Lupron injection to help prevent the growth of new endometrial cells. My doctor advised me I needed to start trying to get pregnant as soon as possible.

We have been trying since the middle of 2008 for a baby. In January of this year, I had an HSG to rule out the possibility of any endometriosis or any other blockages in my tubes. The doc said most ladies get pregnant within two months of having the HSG and to come back if I wasn't pregagnt by June. Then, we would look into "some help" (i.e. drugs). It is August now, still not pregnant and haven't been to the doctor yet.

This is my trying to conceive story so far. Being minus an ovary should not affect my ability to get pregnant, but who really knows? I am trying to learn to enjoy more things and enjoy the life I have with my husband and daughter.

Okay, time to get back to organizing my sewing stuff. I hope everyone who reads this enjoyed learning a little about me. I appreciate any comments since most people only read and never comment. Have a nice weekend, ya'll!!

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