Sunday, August 23, 2009

25 Random Facts About Me

For those of you reading this on my facebook, I have posted these before. I am trying to introduce myself to new people reading my blog.

1. I obsess for days over what to write on this blog.
2. I swore I would never date my husband.
3. I read the perezhilton website daily. I love celebrity gossip.
4. Spelling errors irritate me, especially when I type in a hurry and make one myself.
5. I have ADD. I also have OCD.
6. I had dreams about making out with Vin Diesel when I was pregnant.
7. I don't like the Andy Griffith show. I cannot stand to hear the theme song.
8. I don't like the bands Nickelback or Creed. "Don't like" is a nice statement for how I feel about their music. I heard Kidcratic refer to these bands as "Nickelcreedback" and laughed so hard. SOOO TRUE!!
9. I know how to shuttle tat.
10. The back side of any craft project I make has to be perfect. I have remade projects because the back did not meet my standard. Actually, I am a craft perfectionist. I almost always make a gift projects twice. The first one is for me to practice and see what problems I have. If this turns out okay, then I will make the second one to give away.
11. I have a fear of new situations or events. I have not gone to parties or events because of this.
12. I do not like butterflies.
13. I regularly use a Charlie Brown pillowcase that I have owned since childhood. When this one started coming apart, I bid and won a 2 extra ones on eBay. I sewed the seams and still use the old one, but have the others as back-ups.
14. I cannot sleep uncovered. Even in the summer, I need at least the sheet over me. I have to be covered up to my ears with only my face and top of my head exposed.
15. I have problems going to sleep unless it is pitch-dark in the room. I made a cover for my alarm clock because the numbers were too bright. I still put something over that.
16. I love apron sewing patterns. Every cloth or quilting store I go to, I shop for these. I will never make all of the ones I own but I have made a few. The internet fuels this passion because I can always find small companies that make their own patterns, not just the big 3 pattern companies.
17. I cry every time I watch new episodes of Extreme Home Makeover.
18. I love James Bond movies.
19. I am the person reponsible for my husband getting into bowling. Yes, I was bowling before Steven. He joined his first league with me.
20. When I watch football, I don't understand what is going on other than teams getting touchdowns. First downs, second downs? I don't have a clue.
21. My nickname is Jupiter.
22. I love Guitar Hero World Tour. I am constantly trying to figure out how I can make room for the entire band set-up in my house.
23. I love taking pictures. I would love to take photography classes.
24. I love things with skulls on them. Cute skulls though, not scary ones. I have skulls shoes, a purse, fabric and still is constanly looking for things with cute skulls.
25. I am afraid of going back to school. I am worried that I will fail any class that requires me to write papers or essays and that would be almost every class except math classes. I have problems expressing my ideas and facts in writing.


  1. Well, spelling errors irritate me too!

    And I hate moustaches....and swore to marry someone who had one, and my DH does have a moustache (and it looks good on him):-)!

    Enjoyed reading your know, I did visit your blog a little earlier, but could not get through the comments section...

    Happy ICLW!

  2. Enjoyed your list! Hubby and I were really good friends in high school, I swore that it would be nothing more, we are so incredibly happy today :) I love him with all my heart! It's funny how things change huh??

    Thanks for commenting my blog!



    Ooohh you make aprons AND you're crafty?! That's awesome! I am not even a little bit crafty. I wish I were though. I would love to create beautiful things and give them away. Great list, thank you!

  4. hmm... I can relate to so many of those, but especially the one about the crafts. When I was a kid, my mother taught me to cross-stitch, and she would always tell me "anybody can make the front look nice, but only good crafters can stitch clearly enough so that you can see the picture on the back too". That standard of excellence has stuck with me on all the crafts I do.

    Great list!

  5. Don't read my blog - I probably have a lot of typos/spelling errors/and so on.. lol..

    Hubby and I didn't think we'd end up together - we started talking just to form a friendship - he was in NC and me in WI ... apparently things don't always happen the way we initially think.

    Good luck and I hope that your pain goes away soon - it's never any fun.

  6. I sleep all covered up, too! Except I need a light blanket in addition to the sheet. Also need it pitch black and QUIET!!!!

    Hope your pain goes away soon....


  7. That was a great intro post!

    And I hear you about not really understanding football (or other similar sports). For me, it's the 'offside' thing. What the fuzzy is offside? My dad, past boyfriends, and my Beloved have all tried to help me understand, but I JUST DON'T GET IT!!!