Tuesday, August 11, 2009


My baby started kindergaren yesterday. Normally, getting her up in the morning involves some poking and many trips back to her room trying to wake her up. When her alarm went off, she was up and ready to eat breakfast. I prepared her cereal and went to take a shower. She was fully dressed and sitting on the couch with her backpack on by 7:10. Steven was still in bed while she kept asking me when we were leaving.

I love this picture of the hubby and diva-child walking. It reminds me of one I took when she was only a year old at an Easter egg hunt.

We were at school before they opened the doors. As we prepared to leave my baby, I started to think about how far away she was from my office and got teary eyed. My sunglasses hid my watery eyes. She was happy to be there and already playing. Does this look like the face of someone sad? I didn't think so.

Like many other moms this morning, I managed to separate myself from my baby and head to work. That afternoon as I was working in my office, my cell phone rang. It was Audrey's teacher. UH OH! WHAT IS WRONG? Turns out it was nothing. She was just wondering if we were picking her up at school release or was she attending the after school program. Whew, crisis averted.

Everything went fine. Audrey said the only boring thing about school was they played music part of the lunch time. You could not talk while the music was playing. I understand why they do this. If the other kids are like Audrey, she will not talk much. UNTIL you put a meal in front of her. I knew there wouldn't be any problem for her to adjust to "big" school, but us moms worry about sending our babies into the real world. She sure is growing up so fast.

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