Thursday, August 20, 2009

Me Bad

Okay, I haven't been the best blogger. My A.D.D. has gotten the best of me recently and kept me occupied during the only free time I would have for writing, at night.

I read Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters regularly. Every month, they have a week where you sign your blog up and you agree to comment on six other blogs daily. The official name of this is IComLeavWe or International Comment Leaving Week. The logo is in the sidebar underneath my blog title. I signed up this month in an effort to make myself write more often. So tonight, I get the reminder e-mail about IComLeavWe. Then, I realize I haven't written anything in over a week. Bad JEN!

I already have my topic tomorrow planned out. I even took pictures tonight to add to the post. Here is a sneak preview.

What does all of this stuff have to do with my post? Not much, only one of the pieces of jewelry in the picture will be discussed. This is actually a secret look into the weird world of how I take pictures of almost any small item in my house, my homemade macro photo studio.

Tomorrow's topic: My wedding ring set or to make it more interesting, How I destroyed one family heirloom to make another potential family heirloom.

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