Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Camera

I thought my hubby was serious recently when he told me I could get a new camera if I could sell mine. Guess what? I tried talking to him more about it last night and he said we didn't have the cash for it. I knew this. I really want a DSLR. I just figured I would use the credit card for it when I know I shouldn't. When we hear something back from the D.O.T. about our counter-offer, maybe then will my camera wishes be quelled with something special.

Any of my friends can vouch for the fact I love taking pictures. I don't have any desire to be a professional. I only want to take better pictures for myself. Not that my current camera is bad. I currently have a Canon Powershot SX10oIS. I have taken some great pictures with it. I'll post some later.

Just to pacify the camera enthusiast in me, please let me know what kind of camera you like to take pictures with.


  1. I am also an amateur photographer in my spare time. Instead of buying each other gifts at Christmas, my husband and I splurged on a Nikon D80. Best purchase we ever made. It takes AMAZING pics!!! I look forward to checking out your pics whenever you post them.


  2. I love taking pics, I suck at it but am getting mucho better !

    Can't wait to see some photos !


  3. I JUST recently got a used Canon 2000 EOS Rebel, which is a 35mm camera that I plan to use for astrophotography, and another Canon digital that I would like to use more for regular pictures...

    I swear I am not trying to draw you to my blog, but I did recently post about my new Canon, complete with pretty pictures lol