Monday, August 24, 2009

Back and Hip Pain

Tonight, I am sitting here on my living room floor in pain. My lower back seems to ache a lot and my hip is the worst tonight. It feels like someone is trying to twist my hip joint and pain will shoot down to my knee. I have been blaming the back pain on the endometriosis even though I don't know for sure that is the cause. Since I am getting some new visitors (Hi ICLW'ers), I thought now would be a good time to pose a question to anyone else who might have endometriosis. Is it normal to have lower back pain all throughout the month, not just before/during your period?

I do have an appointment with my PCP this Friday and I am going to ask him about the hip pain for sure. I don't want to sound like a big cry baby who whines all the time and wants prescriptions for this and that. I just want to feel normal and go maybe a couple of days without pain. I probably need to contact the GYN also. I passed the pregnancy "deadline" he gave me. I need to see him anyway.


  1. Hey, I hope your doc can give you some relief from the pain because, barring an underlying medical cause, it is NOT normal to have lower back pain all the time.

    I love your 25 random facts list.


  2. Ouch, sorry about your lower-back pain. I don't know much about the side-effects of endo... but if it isn't that, maybe it's your sciatic? I know mine's a a dull roar a lot of the time...