Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gimme my Charlie and no one gets hurts

This is the story of a girl and her beloved pillow. Yes, I have a Charlie pillowcase (simply known as my Charlie) and I am very possesive of said pillowcase and accopanying pillow.

Last night, I finish with my laundry after midnight. I turn off all the lights and go into my bedroom. Like any other night when Steven goes to bed before me, I approach the bed in the dark. Then I feel for the 2 pillows my head rest on and then grab my Charlie. But no Charlie! I feel around all over the bed, still no Charlie. I tell myself I am 34 and surely I can sleep without my arms wrapped around a pillow. I lay down and try to get comfortable, with my arms sadly laying on the bed.

After about half an hour of laying in bed, I decided I was locating Charlie. I almost close the bathroom door and turn on the light. I am walking back and forth around the bed only to be disappointed. Then, I realize Steven's pillows are standing straight up behind his head yet his head was resting on something. I run around trying to determine whether my Charlie was under there. In his sleep, he had grabbed Charlie and Charlie was all smashed up under his head. YES, the bad man had balled up my beloved pillow under his head.

Now how do you go about extracting your pillow at most one o'clock in the morning without waking someone? I lay back down to lightly tap Steven like I do when he snores. NO LUCK! I tap him just a little harder and he starts to turn over. I realized this might be my only chance so I yank the pillow out from where his head was. Wow, that seemed really easy. I finally can go to sleep. That is until someone pulls the sheet untucked but that is another story.

We are riding to work this morning when Steven asks about last night. I didn't know what he was talking about at first. Apparently, my easy pillow grab resulted in his head plopping down on the bed when there was no pillow after he turned over. I proceeded to tell him that Charlie deserved a place of honor between arms being snuggled and the head plop was proper punishment for the disrespect. Maybe that will teach him not to mess with my pillow or the Charlie ninja will attack swiftly and painfully in the middle of the night.

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