Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2009 Association Banquet

Friday was the annual banquet of the bowling association. Just like every other year, we sat with Bob and Mike. I really missed Jim not being there, but maybe next year.

Like always, Steven got his 300 and 800 series plaques for the year. I received the first "Volunteer of the Year" award given. ME!

I have never helped the association for the recognition. It can be stressful at times and there are so many great people to assist where they can. Being the only woman around can have it cons, but when someone manages to make you upset enough to cry (which happened only once), I have never had such support. I have visited many different bowling centers in various towns. We have made and lost friends. Bowling is an important part of my life and I would not trade any of these experiences for anything.

Another bowling year completed. Oh yeah, not quite. I still have brackets to run. This weekend starts a much bigger tournament than I have run compared to the city one. I will be at the bowling center from 7:00am until probably 9:00pm every Saturday and Sunday until mid July, except for July 4th weeeknd. PLEASE no one come to my house until August when I have had time to recover.

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  1. Jennifer Norton NightSkyJune 11, 2009 at 8:36 AM

    Congratulations! You are doing something that is important to you and obviously love very much. I have no doubt that you are doing your very best and keep your head up heart strong! A woman's work is never done even when everyone thinks it is.