Thursday, June 11, 2009

Testing new stuff

I have received a lot of new BPAL in the past week or two so I have been taking it easy of sampling. I don't want to overload my sinuses.

Pink Moon
I do not like this on me. I get sugared carnation with a touch of band-aid. HUH?

Black Moon
Little strong at first, but was okay after about half an hour. I'll hold on to this imp for sure but won't need more than it.

Dark Chocolate & Pepper-Smoked Caramel
I thought this would be great. It was for about the first time minutes after application. Then, something came along and thew pepper on the fire. Nothing but pepper with no chocolate or caramel. Major case of sad :-(

Milk Moon '07

This was a winner. For about 2 minutes after application, I was unsure. But it turned into paradise. I kept swearing I was going to wake up in Hawaii and the cabana boy handing me my Pina Colada. I put it on yesterday after using my CocoaPink Pina Colada Cotton Candy body butter. LOVE IT! Definitely searching for bottle of this one.

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