Sunday, June 7, 2009

Strawberry Moon

I received my most recent BPAL order of Strawberry Moon and June Gloom.

Strawberries that in gardens grow
Are plump and juicy fine,
But sweeter far as wise men know
Spring from the woodland vine.

No need for bowl or silver spoon,
Sugar or spice or cream,
Has the wild berry plucked in June
Beside the trickling stream.

One such to melt at the tongue's root,
Confounding taste with scent,
Beats a full peck of garden fruit:
Which points my argument.

May sudden justice overtake
And snap the froward pen,
That old and palsied poets shake
Against the minds of men.

Blasphemers trusting to hold caught
In far-flung webs of ink,
The utmost ends of human thought
Till nothing's left to think.

But may the gift of heavenly peace
And glory for all time
Keep the boy Tom who tending geese
First made the nursery rhyme.

Wild strawberries, strawberry flower, vanilla-infused sugar, early summer grasses, and milky dandelion sap.

I am in love with Strawberry Moon. This is such a great strawberry scent without being overly sweet. I see myself having a picnic in the middle of a sunny meadow, eating fresh strawberries while laying on a blanket enjoying the warmth of the summer sun.

It’s May in Los Angeles, and we’re baking slowly as the weather hits the low 100’s…

Here at the Lab, we are praying for a little June Gloom.

Bright summer flowers, fresh herbs, and a bit of citrus rind dampened by the scent of morning mist and rain.

I have not tried the June Gloom yet, but I did take it to work and Wendy sampled it. It smelled fabulous on her.
I love it just for the skull on the bottle. I have already ordered Wendy a bottle since she liked it so much.

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