Friday, September 17, 2010

Sick and still showing Carlos R. Norris love

I hate sinus problems and I hate my sinus cavities. I hate sinusitis. I hate anything involving sinuses right now. Steven knew this today while we were working and he sent me this this article referencing Carlos R. Norris thinking it might make me laugh. This hockey dude has the right idea. Wearing Carlos R. Norris on your head is like it being surrounded by the strongest force field ever times infinity.

Don't know who Carlos R. Norris is? You can read up on this wonderful man here or his Wikipedia entry. I prefer you read the first one because a lot of hard work went into it. Wikipedia is just a bunch of random people adding crap therefore not as great. 

What does this picture have to do with all this? NOT A THING! But if you haven't seen this face from my daughter, you haven't seen her true diva attitude. 

GOOD NIGHT, FOLKS! I am ambiened up and anxiously awaiting the sleep that follows.

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