Sunday, September 12, 2010

Release and Torch

Back around Earth Day, my county government was having a butterfly release along with other Earth Day events. My family kept talking about it. I finally came up with a solution. I told them I was going to torch the butterflies. Yep, you read that right.

Here was my plan. Buy some hairspray and get a lighter. Wait for the release. Time for death and destruction. Burning butterflies fluttering through the air? AWESOME!

Oh yeah, don't hate my genius art skills.I went to a fine arts school. Don't question my expertise.

So, everyone thought I was insane. Until the day we brought our truck. We were at the car dealership during the time of the butterfly release when my husband mentioned it. The sales guy and finance guy were apologetic. I told them of my plan to torch the flying demons, watch their burning wings attempting to fly. They both looked at my strange. Then, the finance dude said, "Yeah, that would be kinda awesome." I could have hugged him. He really understood me. Not really, but at least he saw the potential beauty of the flames.

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