Thursday, September 23, 2010

No witty stuff here

I have been sick for over four weeks. I have been to the doctor two times during the time and received an antibiotic and other medicine each time. Today, it was time to call the doctor back. I finished the second round of antibiotics and another decongestant. Yet, I am still coughing and congested. My doctor finally called me back and we talked about what was going on. He then said I had chronic bronchitis. I don't know why he couldn't figure this out two weeks ago when I was there. Guess what? More medicine. I am hopeful this will finally help me get over this crud.

I haven't been in a picture taking mood since I have been sick. Let's be honest. I haven't been in the mood to do much at all. This weekend, I will attempt to break out of my fear of new experiences and interacting with new people by attending a photography meet. Wish me luck that my anxiety doesn't get the best of me.

And so you don't think my Carlos R. Norris love from last week was a fleeting interest, enjoy the Chuck below.

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