Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Tree

While sitting on the shore of the sound the day we were leaving North Carolina, I kept staring at this tree.

I would take different pictures but I kept coming back to the tree.

My mind is normally like watching a Nascar race from the stands, lots of cars (ideas) speeding past and being gone just as fast. This particular morning I seemed to have a moment of clarity where everything just seemed to slow down and seconds seemed more like hours. This was a great feeling to me, such a sense of calm. I wish I could have sat there on the rocks looking out for hours just to experience the serenity of my mind. I claimed the tree as mine during the time of reflection.

I compared my life and experiences to that of the tree. Though storms come along, winds blowing and breaking branches, the tree looks to its roots for the strength to withstand anything trying to destroy it. My core might not be as strong as the tree's, but it still at least helps me to remain standing. This is one of the many comparasions I made. I had so many I have wanted to type on multiple occasions but never feel able to accurately reflect the thoughts in my mind that morning. I will be visiting my tree again soon and I only hope I can experience the tranquility again.

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