Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

So we are heading to the lake soon. As I sit and think of previous Memorial Days, this one is much more subdued than they used to be, the ones where my whole extended family came to eat barbecue and hash. This year it will be just a few of us: me, Steven, Audrey, Mom, Dad, Cathy, Shane, and Cathy's son Steven. I am sure we will enjoy ourselves but I still find myself reminiscing of the "old" days when there were more people than beds.

Here are some other old lake memories that mean a lot to me:
1. Riding on the pontoon with our feet hanging off the front of it
2. Laying out on the catwalk of the boatdock after swimming
3. The smell of the catwalk wood when wet while you basked in the sun laying there to get warm
4. skinny-dipping

These are just a few of the memories near and dear to me. I hope that everyone enjoys their weekend, spending time with loved ones and making new memories.

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