Monday, February 14, 2011

I love you and you too

I am stuck at home sick today. My hormones are off the charts. I may still have a bit of stomach virus. What a Valentine's Day. Despite all of this, I am still thankful. 

I love what everyone brings into my life. Good or bad, each person has taught me a lesson about different things in my life that I might not have learned otherwise. My wonderful husband who is understanding about my struggle with endometriosis and the possibility we may not be able to expand our family with another biological child. My diva-child daughter who is attempting to teach me patience and many other things. My parents and their many life lessons. My best friend since middle school who despite our many differences, find common ground and has not abandoned me when life circumstances may have prevented our friendship. My family and network of friends, you are a support system to me of which you can never imagine.

I love you all. Today, I even love butterflies. Not really, but I will pretend.

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  1. I love you, too! And you had me going on the butterflies comment for a moment there. Shane sent me flowers at work yesterday and the first thing I notice is the butterfly and I think of you!