Friday, November 5, 2010

I have counters, but......

I have no water in my kitchen. My new counters made it in but I cannot say it was easy. The installers came and couldn't do it because our cabinets weren't level. I am thankful we have friends with all kind of skills because one of them came out and leveled the counters for us. The next day, the installer called and asked could they come. OF COURSE! My new counters look so nice but the rest of my kitchen is another story. We had to let the new sink set for 24 hours before hooking water back up. That was yesterday. Water should be hooked back up today. Washing what dishes we use in the bathtub is no fun. NOPE, NOT FUN.

Steven is supposed to put up the backer board for the glass tiles this afternoon. Did I mention my daughter's birthday party is this Sunday? And I am still putting the contents of my cabinets back in? My to-do list keep getting longer and longer.

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